Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

OLNAWA is committed to protecting the safety and security of all registered users.

The site does not provide students with any means to communicate directly with each other. At all times, students are engaged in meaningful education activity within a secure environment.

The sole purpose of the site is to provide students with a means to improve their skills for them to achieve success in the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment.

Personal Information Collected

To register for OLNAWA, a student registering individually and who is not part of a school must be registered by a parent. The parent must give their consent at the time of registration and provide OLNAWA with their email address along with the name of their child.

Teachers registering on behalf of their students must provide their name and email address, and the name and email address of the students concerned.

We require this information to correctly identify each Registrant as a site user and manage their account accordingly.

What is done with your information?

The information collected from registrants’ is used for the following purposes:

  • To confirm the applicant’s registration

  • To reset a password on request

  • To respond to any questions from the Registrant

  • To inform Registrant’s regarding any changes or upgrades to the program.

Management of Registrant’s personal information

OLNAWA will keep a Registrant’s personal information confidential and not sell or divulge this information to any external third party for any reason including for commercial purposes.

All personal information provided by a registrant is deleted within 12 months of not using the site or as requested by the group leader (teacher).