About Olna WA

As a teacher of low ability students for many years, it has been my philosophy that students need structure and a purpose to their learning so that they are able to develop their skills. This philosophy applies even more so today with so much learning being done on and with technology.

As such the online program presented here endeavours to accomplish the development of students’ mathematics and literacy. The aim is to help students who have struggled with basic mathematics and literacy throughout their schooling to achieve an acceptable minimum standard of numeracy, reading and writing as outlined by the School Curriculum Standards Authority. To that end, OLNA WA is a website created for the purpose of helping those students who have yet to reach the minimum standard in numeracy and literacy that will see them cope with life after school.

Even though the program is able to be completed without any teacher input it is desirable that the teacher become involved in some conferencing with the student/s. In most learning scaffolding and teacher differentiation go hand in hand?

This program aims to offer a whole task approach and an optimal level of support to assist students in achieving their objective.

The program is mobile friendly and can be used on any device and at any time.

Phillip Judge
Olna WA Coordinator