Dear Student,

Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment.

Students who have not achieved Band 8 in any of the three components of reading, writing and numeracy in their Year 9 NAPLAN are determined  as not having mastered a range of numeracy/literacy skills  and will  be required to sit the corresponding OLNA component.

The Olna (Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment) consists of three components: numeracy, reading, and writing. The numeracy and reading components comprise 45 multiple-choice questions, and students have 50 minutes to complete the assessment. The writing component is a typed response of no more than 600 words, which should be completed in 60 minutes. Students will have two chances to pass the Olna in any given year. The sitting dates can be found on the SCSA website, which can be accessed through the following URL:


To assist you to develop the necessary skills to pass the OLNA, a specialised self-directed learning program, paired with small group and individual tutoring from your school will help you succeed. Your engagement in this program relies on your motivation to achieve the necessary skills to graduate from high school.

This numeracy program is divided into 6 Units:

  • Time,
  • Number,
  • Measurement,
  • Stats & Probability,
  • Space, and Direction
  • Ratio & Rates.

Each Unit has been developed with a progression of tools to work through, including an assessment of your background knowledge in each area, a quick check of your skills, a skills development module and a graduated practice sheet.

The reading component is made up of multiple skill builders (20 questions) and full practices (45 questions) for students to complete.

The writing component contains various prompts of different types for students to respond to.

Your task is to work systematically through the program until you have mastered the essential skills that will aid you in your quest to pass the OLNA.

Good luck

OLNAWA Coordinator